Our Next Chapter: Brewing at Stone Angel

Well, it's now the end of July. The anticipated launch of our very own brewery was long set for this day. Everything seemed in its right place but suddenly our plans took a devastating turn.

Thankfully, One Great City had already generously lent us some space in their facility to temporarily brew some prototype batches which allowed us to participate at Flatlander's Beer Fest plus release some beer for a few other events along the way. 

But we still faced one major issue. With no building of our own, and with the fabrication of our commercial brewing equipment approaching completion, we would need to redirect all shipments into storage while we keep searching for our home. Or...




What about those Irish folks at Stone Angel??

 "They might have space!"

"They're friendly!"

"This could make sense!"




They said yes!


We're moving in


Having very recently welcomed our mutual friends Devil May Care Brewing into their home, and now us, Stone Angel is effectively becoming a co-op brewery. A hub where multiple breweries can work alongside  sharing space, equipment, knowledge, and likely a lot of great beer!

This is huge for us at Kilter. This partnership will enable us to brew on a larger scale which means our beer will finally be much more universally available (well, locally). You'll soon be able to enjoy our beer in Stone Angel's taproom and at your favourite bars and restaurants across Winnipeg! 

Starting immediately, we will begin brewing tiny prototype batches that will be served in the taproom alongside a wide array of ever-rotating beers from all three breweries (go try Stone Angel's radler before we drink it all).

We are so pumped to begin operating out of Stone Angel while we continue the search to find our own future home. We can't wait to see you all!





"Super excited to be welcoming Miguel, Julien, Jerik, and Leo to share our home. Having three breweries in the space will be a positive experience for all involved, the exchange of ideas between the different brewers, and economies of scale. Miguel is a fabulous brewer with a distinct style and we're looking forward to pouring his beers in the taproom."

Paul McMullan
President of Stone Angel Brewing Co.



"DMC is absolutely thrilled that Kilter is moving into the facility right alongside ourselves and Stone Angel. They have a wealth of creativity and skill, and on top of that are just a bunch of excellent guys. We're so excited to be in a space where three companies will able to collaborate and work together to create something really special.

Welcome to the neighborhood, Kilter! It's going to be a fun ride."

Colin Koop
Devil May Care Brewing Co.