Kilter Prototype Beers Coming to One Great City

Good news, bad news.

Let's start with the bad. A month ago we announced our brewery location and briefly went over our timeline which indicated that yes, a brewery can take a long time to build but with some patience, it'll all be worth it.

Since then, we've encountered some unexpected roadblocks leaving us to push back possession of our building, but we're confident we'll power through it all even if it means opening our doors a month or two behind schedule.

C'est la vie. Now onto the great news!

UPDATE: We are incredibly sad to report that we will no longer be able to take possession of 80 Sherbrook Street for reasons out of our control.


One Great City to the Rescue



Our good friends at One Great City Brewing have been incredibly generous and have allowed us to temporarily move our small prototype brewing system into their facility. This is a great opportunity for us to experiment and share with you some of our own creations to be served in their brewpub beginning very soon!

Having had previously worked and collaborated with OGC's talented brewmaster Josh Berscheid in our past and now seeing what their entire team has accomplished in creating a uniquely high-quality brewpub experience, we couldn't be happier about this partnership.


Our Prototype Brewing System



Our prototype brewing system allows us to brew up to 80L into any member of our happy little temperature-controlled fermentation tank family.

We also plan on splitting certain batches down into 3 separate tiny 25L vessels to experiment with different yeast varieties, hop blends, or a number of other ingredients to thoroughly analyze the nuances given.



We are so excited to work alongside One Great City on this fun project and for future collaborations together.

Follow along our Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook page for ongoing updates on what's brewing and to keep an eye on our upcoming beer releases.

See you soon!