"Hawaiian Ivory" Collaboration Milkshake IPA

Aloha! Our very first beer has been released.

Our tropical fruit milkshake IPA brewed in collaboration with our besties 2 Crows Brewing Co. in Halifax, NS is now available at Liquor Marts all over Manitoba and select beer vendors in Winnipeg.



6.3%   /   473ml   /   $4.25

Check remaining Liquor Mart store inventory to make sure your nearest location has any left. If not, be sure to grab yourself some beer from our other local brewery friends and enjoy!



We spent a lovely week with the cool crew at 2 Crows Brewing in Halifax, NS.

They forced us to wake up super early on brew days and in exchange they got really lousy helpers. At least we got to rock our stylish Hawaiian shirts all day, have some fun, and eat lots of Hawaiian pizza. Oh, and enjoy a sick amount of amazing beer.


11/10 would do business with again -  



"it's another day for you and me in paradise" - Phil Collins