Announcing Kilter’s Brewery Location in Winnipeg

Are you ready for this?
We finally have big news to share with you today. We are so excited to announce that we have found our home in the West Broadway / Wolseley neighbourhood of Winnipeg.

80 Sherbrook Street

UPDATE: We are incredibly sad to report that we will no longer be able to take possession of 80 Sherbrook Street for reasons out of our control.




We can't wait to join all our future neighbours in what we think is one of the most inclusive, laid-back, and artistic neighbourhoods in our city. We love this community so much and look forward to being part of the soul that makes this area so charming.




Our search for a home

When searching for a place to build a brewery, you quickly find that you can only perfectly nail down one, or if lucky, two of the following:

We’ve luckily hit a sweet spot. We have an awesome location, great landlords, a good space to work with, and a fair lease price.

But none of it came to us without a lot of time and uncertainty.

Years of passive searching in a few of our favourite areas of the city, but more significantly, 11 long months from when we first pursued this off-the-market space until this very moment. Our lease is now officially locked in and we're ready to move into our home on April 1st, 2018.




Our timeline

For a few very specific reasons (long story for another time), we're going to be building and opening our brewery in two phases. 

Our plan is to first begin producing beer in our space in Summer 2018 along with operating a small makeshift taproom accessible through the back door, with our super-legit streetfront taproom following suit shortly after gaining access to that space later this year.

A little offbeat at first but we promise to make it worth your while. We can't wait to have you over for a beer!

But wait, there's more

You may be able to have a taste of what's to come much sooner than you think. We're working on those details now. Lots of exciting announcements to follow in the coming weeks.

See you soon!