1 Year of Kilter in Review

It's our 1-year anniversary!

Or so we think. Truth is, the birth of Kilter is as hazy as our unfiltered IPAs.



A journey that began more than a decade ago has brought us to this point where exactly one year ago today, we released our first beer to the public (if you exclude our very first collab) with the help of our friends in the industry.

Today snuck up on us. We would have loved to throw a party to celebrate the stubborn existence of Kilter and to thank you all for your support this past year.

We promise, we've had our heads down for good reasons. We hope to be able to share some big news about the future of Kilter very soon, but today we're taking a moment to reflect back at the wild ride we've had in our first year.

A Year in Review

Spring 2018
  • We partnered with One Great City to brew small prototype batches and share a taste of our beer to the public for the very first time while we build our own brewery.
  • After having announced with excitement that we had finally secured a lease, we later had to report that our plans to build our dream brewery in our space on Sherbrook Street would no longer be happening.
  • We visited the Newlands manufacturing facility in British Columbia (who is very sadly no longer in business) to see our brewhouse equipment being fabricated, and soon after very luckily received the majority of our equipment which we had to redirect into storage.
  • We began working with our new friends and would-be neighbours at The Handsome Daughter to serve up tropical experimental beers on their Tiki Lounge nights.



Summer 2018
  • We anxiously prepared for our biggest moment of public exposure – Flatlander's Beer Festival. We served Froot Loopulin¡Jajaja!, and the first batch ever of Juicii. The entire event was a blast and it was so great to meet many of you!
  • We had a dreamy time with our tentacle pals at Malty National while brewing a collab IPA named Creatures at their brewery in Regina, SK.
  • Having the desire to keep brewing but having no space to operate, we began an important new chapter for us by partnering with the fine Irish folks at Stone Angel. We moved in alongside our new flatmates at DMC having then formed what is now known as the Southside Brew Hub. We're very fortunate to have been accepted into Stone Angel's home, now being able to operate as a functioning business.
  • We served Slurpii and Juicii #2 at our first Winnipeg Beer Festival on a wonderful sunny evening alongside all our city's amazing breweries.
  • We flew back to our second home in Vancouver, BC to brew a collab DIPA named Legend of Citra with our legendary brewer pals at Boombox. And also had a bit of fun with many of our Vancouver friends. Okay a lot of fun.
  • Holy shit. We have beer! On September 16th we held our launch event with our hosts Stone Angel (along with the help of many more!) for the release of our first big batch beer. It blew our minds how many of you showed up in support. Seriously, thank you.



Fall / Winter 2018-19
  • We served our Strudel Stout and Peach Schnapps Sour Weissbier at the inaugural German-themed Prost! Octoberfest.
  • Quickly realizing that our Juicii NE IPA was being very positively accepted as our flagship beer, we set out a game plan to brew larger batches more frequently to be able to supply a growing number of bars, restaurants, and stores on an ongoing basis. Although we stopped numbering each new batch of Juicii, we are still to this day making small adjustments to each batch in the constant pursuit of perfecting our recipes and processes.
  • As part of the Southside Brew Hub collaboration Stoutmas pack, we released our first canned seasonal stout  Coconutzo!
  • Our bestest frenemies 2 Crows from Halifax, NS came to visit us to brew Flamango, a super tropical collab Milkshake IPA. We also organized a fun little collab Tap Takeover at The Handsome Daughter right before Christmas.
  • We served a tiny batch of Kilterberry Chocolate Cake Stout at the Winterlong Strong Beer Festival organized by the Manitoba Brewers Association.
  • Throughout the new year we focused on coming out with new big batch one-off releases including our ¡Jajaja! Mexican Stout, Fudge Chocolate Stout, and Fog Machine Double IPA.



Spring 2019
  • We teamed up with Royal Canoe and brewed a tasty little surprise for fans attending their sick new album release shows.
  • We served a tiny batch of Sea Breeze Cocktail IPA at the collab Tap Takeover with Collective Arts of The Handsome Daughter.
  • We traveled to Denver to participate in the industry's biggest event, the Craft Brewers Conference & BrewExpo for our first time.
  • We released our first springtime beer  Sunny Dreamsicle Orange Milkshake IPA.


What a bumpy ride it's been. We may have ended up far from where we had planned to be today, but with all the hard work along with all the love and support we continue to receive, we know we're here to stay and we can't wait to share our second year with you.

Follow along our Instagram, as well as Twitter and Facebook to keep up with what we're getting up to, and as mentioned earlier, we may have some very big news to share soon!